Croatian larps – International friendly

Dear reader, what you see here is a list of Croatian larps that are either played completely in English or are very suitable for international play. In case you are from Croatia and you misclicked the link above and immediately moved your cursor to this page, get your mouse back and just hit the page called “Hrvatski larpovi”. Ignore the dropdown menu. Just click it. Or stay here, I don’t care. – Strawman


The Elder Scrolls Chronicles

The Elder Scrolls Chronicles is an ongoing game set in Bethesda, Zenimax’s The Elder Scrolls video game series world. The game begun in 2013, with four events organized so far (1 playtest and 3 official events), and is organised as annual one-shot events.
Next event: TBA

Terra Nova

Terra Nova is a fantasy larp series whose first chapter lasted since 2012 until 2015 and consisted of 4 serial events and one spin-off event. Second chapter should start in spring 2016.
Next event: May 20-22 2016

World of Darkness:

Zagreb By Night

Zagreb By Night is a Classic World of Darkness Vampire: the Masquerade larp chronicle headquartered in Zagreb, and played using the new By Night Studios Mind’s Eye Theatre rules. Running continuously since summer 2013, this game consists of smaller weekly events and larger events, usually once per month or two.
Next large event: TBA

Famiglia Bonifacio

Famiglia Bonifacio consists of a couple of games dealing with two mafia families (Bonifacio and Morelli), their adversaries and associates, during the prohibition in United States of America. The events are one-shots, but they are being organised more than once, so it is possible to participate in the same game for a couple of times. This larp started in 2015, and has been played for a dozen times so far.
Next large event: TBA